Please do read carefully 


Worldwide currency is accepted! This converts at payment section


With this option you will receive:

• The Gender of your babies, Which nub theory says

• A detailed drawing of both babies and their genders with labels

• A personalised report on what and why 


Full refund if I cant see their genders, or refund price difference for a single reading, i i only see gender for 1*

I normaly give a profile draw of the other twin i cant help with not to leave them out :)


- Results will be within a maximum 24 hours Monday-Saturday,

You can choose the 1-12 hour time frame if avaliable (price increases slightly)


I am closed sundays for family time

Any orders purchased on sundays will be done the next day, in order of orders received, so expect results anytime on monday. 


-Ultrasound images must be 12+ weeks! unless you agree with the lower accuracy in the 11th week, accuracy around this age is 75% i do free follow ups for this age 


-For best chance of receiving a gender reading,

Please send ALL your scan images/vids and the gestation of baby during ultrasound, even if you think it might not help...


-A full refund is given if your ultrasounds shows no genital nub or I can't be confident...

sometimes a nub may be partialy shown than full, this can lower accuracy slighty, but it i feel sure on the outcome I will either go ahead if there is enough markers shown for evidence, or email to explain why I can’t do a reading with a refund




Excited yet? Order now! :)



I sit down around 8pm and work into early hours to do readings that day, or may do a few in the day depending on how busy I am (I’m a mum of 3 and of course with this pandemic, I need to dedicate most of the day to them)

CLOSED ON SUNDAYS (UK time) Readings ordered on a Sunday will be completed and sent Monday All reading ordered Saturday will be completed Saturday night/Sunday early hours.

    £20.00 Regular Price
    £16.00Sale Price
    Select a time frame within (price varies)


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    No prediction is 100% until birth, but I strive in my personal accuracy with years of experience,

    The information provided in your readings is The Nub Whisperer's content and opinion!

    Current accuracy for Nub theory drawings are updated each month

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